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Some Podcasts of Note on Food

I love reading about food but something has happened on the web in the last 10 years that has truly changed food blogging. You probably have heard of podcasting if you’re at my blog. I used to do a podcast called first “The CHIC Podcast” in honor of my school and then “This Week in Food” when the school changed its name to Le Cordon Bleu. I did that podcast with several different co-hosts for seven years, most notably Chef Wook Kang from Kendall College here in Chicago. We talked and joked about food every week and had a lot fun during our time but eventually we ran out of time and things to talk about. We packed it up. During that time from 2005 until today, podcast has exploded. There are so many food podcasts, I can’t count them all.


I recently came across two podcasts that are not normally about food. I listen to them on a regular basis. But these two episodes were particularly interesting. The first one is from Planet Money. It’s an easy and fun way to learn about economics. They cook a peacock. But during the kitchen session, they talk about why this bird and its spices are significant to the economic growth of Western Europe in the 1600’s. That may not sound interesting but it is fascinating to listen to.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.14.57 AM

The other one from RadioLab is about how our food is digested. I know it’s not about preparing food, but the path food takes in our bodies is again fascinating. The podcast tells of a man who could not digest food and had to have a food pump. It sounds gross and it is. Don’t listen while eating. You may want to wait until you go to bed to listen to it. I hope you enjoy my choices of podcasts to feature.


One thought on “Some Podcasts of Note on Food

  1. I used to listen to Stella Culinary for a while… previous to that, it was “Free Culinary School dot Com”. When I was going to culinary school, it gave me a lot of great insight into the basics and chemistry behind cooking. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s starting to cook.

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