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This Week in Food #294: My Diet

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This week, I’m by myself and that’s kind of fitting. I talk about myself and food. You see, I’ve taken on a new way to eat for me. I eat differently this year than last. So many folks have asked how I was able to lose the weight I did. Today, I explain my diet to you. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week.

One thought on “This Week in Food #294: My Diet

  1. It’s nice to hear another perspective on the weight loss, Tom.

    In late January, I went into work and my officemate told me that the college was having a weight loss challenge and told me I should sign up. I thought it would be a good idea and I’d been wanting to drop some weight — but really solidified it for me was when she told me about this neat app for my phone that track my meals and calories… With my sausage biscuit (with cheese), iced tea and donut, I had consumed 800 calories, JUST for breakfast. I quickly realized that I was probably eating upwards of 3000-4000 calories a day.

    I dropped myself down to 1500 calories a day — to do this, I made great use of my kitchen scale to portion my food as I made it. I cut out the tea and soda (pop) and went to water… My intake of bread was reduced greatly to keep myself in my intake range. A few weeks in I dropped myself down to 1200 calories.

    Speaking with some of my friends in the exercise science program here at work, they suggested small snacks throughout the day to help from feeling hungry and having a good intake of water. The idea being that, every hour or so, when your body doesn’t have anything to process, your metabolism slows greatly. If you continue with drinking water and small snacks (whole wheat Goldfish were my savior), your metabolism continues to work and burn.

    I got back on the treadmill, 2-3 times a week for a half an hour — I’d walk/run at least 2 miles a session. I went from my 16 minute mile down to a 9:45 mile in about a month.

    In 10 weeks I lost just under 30 pounds, which is a respectable and safe 3 lbs a week. I didn’t change what I ate, really, just how much of it. I still had pizza, and fries and burgers. I still had my cheat days to keep my body from ‘getting used’ to the reduced caloric intake.

    Since then, I’ve dropped another 10 pounds and have been maintaining. I still have another 20 pounds or so to go, but I feel healthier and look so much better.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Keep up the great work!!

    P.S. I can really tell the difference from some of your earlier site photos compared to your video last week — looking great!

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