Visit the Beachstro? What’s a beachstro?

A good friend and I dined at a very unusual place last night. We couldn’t decide where to go so Ray suggested the restaurant at the bend in Lake Shore Drive on the beach. We didn’t know what its name was but we both knew of it. We had ridden past it thousands of times both in cars and on our bikes when riding along the lake bike path. It’s called the Beachstro. It’s a dumb play on beach bistro. We didn’t care because it was going to be a beautiful summer night; one great for quaffing some cold beer. We both arrived at the same time, around 5:30pm. Tiffany, our server arrived soon after that. I ordered my standard cocktail, the Sapphire martini, straight up with two olives. She looked at me like I had just ordered a pigeon on a bun. I said, “oh, ok, you don’t have Sapphire gin. That’s cool. I’ll have a Makers Mark manhattan on the rocks with two cherries. Again, the weird look. She informed us that the restaurant mostly serves the fancy drinks on the menu. I looked at them and they were the kind I never order, sugary, soda-type drinks. Ray quietly ordered a dark Mexican beer. I gave in and said make it two. After Tiffany left to get us our beers, I looked at the drink menu again. I wanted to see if there was the gin I was looking for and some dry vermouth. Perhaps I could even find some olives on there. Immediately I found a drink with Sapphire gin and cranberry juice. Yuk! I then found the classic vodka martini with dry vermouth and olives. I could have had Sapphire martini after all. It would have cost 29.90 though! I was reminded of the old Jack Nicholson movie, Five Easy Pieces. He tries to order an omelet with plain wheat toast. The server informs Jack that there are no substitutions. I guess the Beachstro subscribes to the same philosophy. I don’t get it though. You’re already paying a premium. Let me order what I want and I will pay for it.

We enjoyed the sun and our beers. We ordered burgers and enjoyed them. The sun went down and left a warm glow in the Eastern sky. I truly enjoyed myself talking with an old friend amongst the fake palm trees and sand. I don’t know if I will go back to the Beachstro but it was fun once.

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