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Floriole Bakery

I awoke early this morning and saw the day was going to be a good one. I went for coffee, Gold Coast Blend, naturally. I then settled into something I like to call sunrise cinema.  I watched Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin. He is quite good in the role. It’s not an exciting movie, just a good telling of a man’s life. I then woke Margie to tell her I was going to a new bakery for some croissants. She bid me adieu and sent me on my way.  I like to take the bike because it’s good exercise but also because there’s always somewhere to park. I arrived at Floriole right when they opened at 8:00am. The entire front of the bakery is open leading onto a sidewalk dining area. There were already 3 or 4 patrons enjoying pastries. I entered the baker and saw chocolate tarts, clafoutis, scones and croissants. Just then a quiche straight from the oven was delivered to the case. I could see the steam rising from it. These look like fresh baked goods.  I purchased an almond croissant, plain croissant and a blueberry scone.  They are not cheap but I expected good things in store so I didn’t mind too much about the price. We are in Lincoln Park after all.

After purchasing my pastries, I noticed a large window onto the kitchen. I found a very clean looking kitchen. All the equipment is spotless and so are the employees. It gave me a good feeling about eating their product. It was then I spotted someone I knew…but just barely.  She waved and then pointed to another employee.  She was pointing at one of my best students, Anna Claire Neicrasz. Anna Claire, or as I call her, A.C. has worked at some of the best bakeries around the tri-state area. She has learned something in each one of them. We talked about the bakery and I sent her back to work. I know a pastry cook does not have much time to stand talking to friends.  It was good to see her. I hope she does well there. I know she will.

I returned home and made some more coffee. I need coffee with a croissant.  I cut the croissants in half and put them on a tray to share with Margie. I brought the coffee and croissants up the stairs where She was sleeping.  She had worked out quite a bit on Saturday so she was still tired.  I woke her up to have some croissant.  We both enjoyed the pastries. We could taste the butter and the fermentation. It was obvious that the baker had fermented the dough for over a day. The quality of the butter shown through too. I like to make my croissants a bit more flaky but the tenderness of these was amazing. We nodded to each other and I’m sure she was thinking we should go to Floriole again for croissants.  I think you should too.  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and their own website.

One thought on “Floriole Bakery

  1. Hey Chef Tom,
    Glad you enjoyed the pastries. Please come back and see us at Floriole again soon. Thanks for the kind words.


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