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What’s for Breakfast?

The answer to the question above before last Thursday would have been nothing. I don’t eat breakfast. I know it’s good for you but that never stopped me or started me doing anything before. I did a podcast with our nutrition teacher, Pat Plavcan last week and I vowed to change my evil ways. I gave her all the reasons why I didn’t or couldn’t eat breakfast and she knocked every one of them down.

I don’t have time. Boo-hoo, make time, it’s worth it.

I’m not hungry at 4:30am (the time I usually get up to go to work). If you eat breakfast, your diet will be more balanced and you’ll get more productivity out of your day and body.

I can’t afford fresh fruit or healthy food. Again, boo-hoo, make space for it in the budget. It’s worth it.

I’ll get something at work. Yeah, probably something not very good for you and at a later time, closer to lunch. Not a good idea.

I’ll just have a bigger lunch. Another bad idea. If you have breakfast, you can spread out the food you eat throughout the day. It’s better for you.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the whole argument. She does a good job of informing me of the importance of eating breakfast.

Friday, I went to the store with the intention of getting things that I would like to eat for breakfast. Pat had suggested yogurt, fruit, juice, whole grain bagels and tortillas. I found the Greek yogurt she had suggested and they were even on sale. My inclination is to get the 2% over the 0% because I think the texture might be better. I get a couple of both. I found bags of quick frozen fruit, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches. Sure, they are expensive but I’m only going to use a couple of ounces a day. It will be worth it.

Saturday morning

I am getting up early today to go to work for a special breadmaking class. We’re making Irish country breads. I tell myself I need to eat breakfast first. I mix the Greek yogurt, some whole grain cereal and a handful of fruit. Turns out it is really good. I am surprised at how acidic the yogurt is. It’s much thicker than the yogurt I have had in the past. It is not sweet at all and the texture is still something I need to get past. But I have to say it’s a very satisfying breakfast.

I will continue to explore breakfast options and keep you posted on my progress. I think I will come to like having breakfast every morning.Thanks Pat!

This month is National Nutrition Month. Check it out here. We will be having events at school on nutrition. Be sure to check out the podcast here. I think you’ll find it fun at the very least and you may learn something like I did.

One thought on “What’s for Breakfast?

  1. Mrs. Plavcan is a fabulous teacher who easily gets her many points across to students. She has a lot of wake up calls for people like me who “eat” 6 cups of coffee for breakfast..which goes until noon with no food to supplement the caffeine. Now, I am one of her converts and have been brought kicking and screaming into a healthy eating lifestyle, Thanks, Mrs. P. Paula D

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