Tiny Tarts

Last week it was tiny cookies and this week it’s tiny tarts.  The class I’m teaching right now is about the finer pastries. These are pastries that can be eaten in about 2 bites. We start with pate sucre.  You would know it as sugar cookie dough. We line tiny tart pans with the dough and freeze them. If we don’t, the dough falls down the side of the tart pan. We then poke holes in the dough to let steam escape. If we don’t do this step, the dough puffs up and there’s no room for the filling.  Next is the filling.  Today we used caramel nut, ganache, lemon curd and creme patisserie. This is all topped by a garnish. Sometimes this is the most important part of the tart. It’s a good idea to have several garnishes ready for the tarts.  I had hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, candied lemon and orange zest, whipped cream and meringue. With these few ingredients, I can make hundreds of tarts. Ultimately, the students will have a buffet to show off what they have learned in this class. Today, they really excelled.

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