day-to-day activities

Sun Wah…Oh Yeah!

The boys got together on Saturday night to sample some Chinese B-B-Q.  The boys in question are 4 other chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. They teach culinary arts and I teach pastry. Is it weird to have a pastry chef along with culinary chefs?  I don’t think so. One of them, Mike, likes to eat and order everything.  This does not mean he orders a lot of food. But he orders the most interesting things on a menu.  One of the last times we dined together, we were at an Argentinian restaurant and ordered the fried pig intestines. They were great. When I saw the menu for Sun Wah, I noticed fried pig intestines.  I knew it was the place for us. We got there about 7:30pm without a  reservation and were seated quite quickly.  The room is large. It’s about a 200 seat restaurant.  The beer started flowing and we were on our way.  I just wanted to mention a few of the dishes here.  The service and food were uniformly great.  I did miss one dish though. All around the restaurant chefs were carving whole crispy ducks. We didn’t get one but I vowed to get one next time.

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