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Digging out

I know you’re thinking of snow with the title of this post but I am talking about a cold. We really didn’t get that much snow…yet. More in a couple of days.  Back to the cold issue. This happens every year. We work very hard in the holiday season, spreading ourselves too thinly. Then, when we have time to relax, we get sick. I’m sure you must had a similar experience in your life. Well, this year was no different. I did get to visit my parents in Richmond, Virginia. I did have a restful break from school. I returned to school on Monday, January 4th. That’s when I felt the cold coming on. What a drag to have to come back to work and sick. I am just now starting to dig out of the illness. What a good feeling.

I started two new classes on Monday, bread class and plated dessert class. I have taught the bread class many times and I love it. The plated dessert class, not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I like plated desserts, but I just don’t teach it that often. The classes are mercifully small this semester. I have 12 students making bread and 5 students making desserts.  Each of them goes 6 weeks so it gives us a chance to stretch out a bit and have some fun with the food.

We are doing Bread Guild on Saturday and it’s lean and crusty breads. I love the rich, gooey, sweet breads of the holidays. But after all that, we need to get back to what bread really is. It’s flour, water, yeast and salt. I am looking forward to making some very hearty breads. These are breads that go well with some stew or soup.

Thanks for staying with me. I’ll be back to talk more about food later.

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