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From Farm to Table

Finally I have a chance to sit down and read. What am I reading? The book is called ‘Everything I Want to Do is Illegal’ by farmer Joel Salatin. Mr. Salatin was featured in the documentary movie, ‘Food, inc.’ which I have talked about on the podcast and here on the blog. He is a very funny author and thoughtful farmer. He loves everything about food. It is a joy to read about someone who has truly immersed himself in every aspect of food production.

On Friday, our last day of school of the year, the faculty were treated to a lecture from a local farmer here in the Chicago area much like Mr. Salatin. His name is Nate Sumner. He is a graduate of our sister school in San Francisco. He wanted to be a chef first but found his true love was growing vegetables. He talked about how when he sees a recipe, he doesn’t see it as something that takes a couple of hours to prepare. He starts at the beginning about 7-9 months earlier when the seeds of the vegetables are sown. I like this way of thinking. I had been mentioning on the podcast lately that we need to take more time and give respect to the food and those that grow the food. He told us they are still growing lettuce at the Heritage Prairie Farm out in Elburn, Illinois. Because of the cold, the lettuce gets sweeter and sweeter. That is pretty cool…literally!

We plan to make a trip to visit the farm in the spring.

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