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Great Service is Still Available!

Even though it was quite cold (26°F) on Friday, I wanted to get out on the bike.  I have set a goal of riding each day all winter long if I can. I know I’ll probably have to take off a few days as the winter wears on. But I love riding and it is such good exercise.  I had told a friend that I could pick up a gift card at Intelligentsia Coffee as it is near our home, about a mile and half away. I arrived quickly after leaving home. The wind was biting but the ride was fun. I purchased the gift card and had a cup of coffee. Their coffee is relatively acidic but very flavorful. I then had to make a choice.  Should I go home and eat lunch or go to one of my favorite fast food restaurants, Chipotle?  I decided to enjoy a carnitas burrito at Chipotle.  I headed south on Broadway towards Diversey and Clark.  If you have never eaten at Chipotle, you should. They feature fresh vegetables, meat and tortillas. You decide what you want on your burrito as you go along the line. It all takes about 1 minute. When you’re done, you have the freshest burrito you can get in the city. I usually get the spiced beef called barbacoa or the pulled pork called carnitas.  I had chosen the carnitas this day.  As I made my way down the line; black beans, rice, pico de gallo…wait, where’s the meat? The worker informed me it would be a couple of minutes for carnitas.  I said that was fine as I was in no hurry whatsoever. Before I could leave the line to find a seat, a worker offered me a free drink while I waited. That was pretty cool.  She didn’t have to do that. But it cemented in my mind that the Chipotle folks have service on their minds at all times.  All of us in food service should have that in our heads too. I went to the front window and found a table.  By the time I had all of my winter biking gear doffed, the manager was bringing my burrito over to me. Wow, you just don’t expect that these days, much less at a fast-food restaurant. The manager and I discussed what kind of service Chipotle wants to portray. She said that the owner of the chain, Steve Ells, instills the fresh ethic in all the employees. They are compelled to provide the best service and freshest ingredients. I like eating at a place like that.  The manager and I parted as friends in food service.  The burrito tasted just that much better knowing what kind of people made it for me.

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