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My New Class

I was kind of disappointed to see I wasn’t going to be teaching my baking class in the early morning. You see I like to get up early and get lots done before 7:00am. I know that’s weird but that’s me. I’m not really a night person so when I was told I would have to teach at night, I was more than a little apprehensive. My fears were allayed this evening when arriving at school, I was greeted by one of my new students. A woman came over and introduced herself as Teresa. I introduced myself and she asked if she could help me. I am not used to this kind of behavior. Then several more students came in and introduced themselves. We got started mise en placing for my demonstration of muffins, scones and biscuits. They were a great help. Throughout the class, they laughed in all the right places and took lots of notes. They asked all kinds of good questions. I am impressed by their enthusiasm. Will wanted to know more about the “new” no-knead technique for bread. I told him it wasn’t exactly new, in fact it’s about 6000 years old. We’ll work on some ciabatta together to show him that technique. Jocomo, I’m not sure of the spelling, wanted to know about how to make a great hoagie roll. I had just done this for Chef Robert Bruno’s class a couple of weeks ago. We’ll work on hoagie rolls in the near future. Truly, this is a class that loves food. I am excited to get started and introduce them to the world of baking.

Try the hoagie recipe if you want:

straight dough

water      60%         26oz
yeast      2%            1oz
semolina   33%     14 oz
honey      .7%         1TBS
olive oil  4%           1.75oz
bread flour67%     28oz
salt       2%              .875oz

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