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Isaacson and Stein Fish Market

Chef Wook Kang and I are going to do a video podcast today on how to fillet and prepare flounder. I had said I wanted to do Dover sole but it is just too expensive and difficult to get a whole sole near our school. I could find it but flounder is a great second choice. Usually the fish at the grocery store is fine but very expensive. Wook sent me to Isaacson and Stein on Fulton Market street just north of Halsted and Lake in Chicago. I got there early this morning and found lots of great fresh fish. There are many whole varieties. I saw bass, trout, catfish and so many more. They also have fillets ready to go. They are much more expensive but also look and smell very fresh. I found the flounder but it was labeled fluke. I had to think back to my early days of cooking school. I haven’t bought a flounder/fluke in a long time. It was covered in crushed ice and there was a man replenishing the ice while I was there. You must keep fish very cold and have the water drain away from the fish. Isaacson and Stein does very well in this area. Everything is cold and clean and covered with ice. As I walked around, I found some skate fillets. I had just had skate at a local restaurant and loved it. I want to make my own. I love it with browned butter. I’ll post more when we do the podcast.
Isaacson and Stein, 600 W. Fulton Market Street, Chicago, IL

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