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Welcome back to Let’s Bake

TomWebI just wanted to welcome those readers, all 3 of them from my blog on blogger. I am getting my father started blogging and thought I would join back in the fun. We are very excited here at Maison Beckman because we are awaiting the arrival of two new kitchen appliances. Yesterday, we visited Apt Electronics up in Glenview. Our original microwave oven was falling apart and we needed a new one. That’s fine but then we started to move towards dishwashers. Whoo boy, next thing we know we have purchased both. On the way home, Margie and I decided that we are just remodeling the kitchen from the inside out. I love the layout and the granite counter tops. I really don’t want to change much except the appliances. She did also mention that she thought the tile in the kitchen could use an upgrade as well. But that’s a project for another day. We still have to pay for the microwave and the dishwasher.

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