day-to-day activities

Class Notes

Currently I am teaching the second baking course for culinary students. I usually teach the first one. The first course has bread, cookies, pie and tarts in it. The second one covers smaller cookies, cakes and petit fours. Some folks like to call the second one: advanced. I don’t really think there is such a thing as an advanced course. I think cooking is a wide journey. It’s not all linear. You may disagree with this if you like. I learn new stuff all the time, some pedestrian and some transcendent.

My students this term had a hard time getting started and I think they would all agree to this assessment of their work. But this week, they have really taken off. I was not going to have them display their work in a buffet situation because I thought they were not ready yet. Last week, they weren’t. This week they have shown me what they are and what they can do. I am proud of them.

Next week they will prep for a couple of days for a buffet that will be for about 50 people. There will be cookies, petit fours, fruit tarts and much more on that buffet. I’ll keep you posted on their progress next week.

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