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What a great week this has been!

Howdy food lovers,

I just wanted to say what a great week this has been. I can’t think of a time in the spring that has been as nice as these last five days. It has been a great time to get outside and excercise, layabout and of course cook. You may know that I use the grill all year round but it is in the summertime and early spring that I really get the most out of the grill. It’s a heavy duty electric model from Charbroil. I know it sounds lame but it isn’t. It can reach temperature of up to 700°F. I know a charcoal grill is better but with our little 4’x8′ porch, there’s just not that much room. We have the window boxes with flowers and the grill, that’s it.

We will be hosting my sister, Catherine and her friend Jennifer tomorrow night so the grill will be in full swing. We’re doing steaks but I think we will also do some shrimp and marinated vegetables. I hope you all had a great week too and look forward to next week. It’ll just get better as the summer rolls along.


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