day-to-day activities

Welcome back!

Howdy fellow food lovers. Well that was quite a break. I know it sounds weird but I am really looking forward to coming back to school. Tomorrow we start the custards class with the same group I just finished basic techniques with. I am glad to be with you folks again. Today I am at school getting ready for the class. I am prepping creme caramel and creme brulee and some surprises. It’s actually skill lab but since nobody contacted me and it’s the beginning of a new term, I doubt I will have any students show up today. I see some folks coming up the path towards the school. They must have a class that starts today. There are some very white starched uniforms. I think we have some extremely new folks starting today. Welcome to all! If you are in my class tomorrow, don’t forget to bring the recipe book. We will be diving right in first thing Tuesday. Get lots of sleep tonight and I will see you in the morning.

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