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Have a great break!

I hope you had a good Friday yesterday, we certainly did. Getting to spend time with our family and nephews is always great. Tomorrow, Easter, we will be attending Holy Name Cathedral for Mass with the Cardinal. I have never seen him say Mass before so it should be a treat. I was lucky enough to see our previous cardinal, Cardinal Bernadin speak and I will aways remember that.

After Mass, we will be partaking of brunch at Roy’s of Hawaii. Roy’s is a special place but not just for the food. The service there is excellent. It makes you want to come back. They had sent us a menu on e-mail and it enticed us so. There’s a message to you restauranteurs. E-mail works to build traffic. It didn’t hurt that we were thinking about going there anyway.

School starts back up again on Monday, April 4 for some of you. April 5 is when most of the classes resume. My cohort begins on Tuesday, April 5. Have a great time off and I will see you when we get back.

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