day-to-day activities

Saturday Demonstrations

Hey guys, boy Saturday was a lot of fun. I started early with my own demo on French Bread. It was for prospective students and they had so many great questions. They were very enthusiastic. One boy in particular was memorable. He asked what was so great about French bread. So I proceeded to explain all the art and science that goes into French bread. Then I gave him some and he went nuts. He said it was the best bread he had ever tasted. He was all of 10 years old but it still was quite a nice comment. Then as he was leaving with his parents he said something I will never forget. “boy, I hope this taste never leaves my mouth!”. What a cool and unusual comment. An adult would never come up with that. I love his verve.

Later we all went to a chocolate demo put on by CHIC and Felchlin, a Swiss chocolate producer. Chef Stephen Iten was the presenter and he did a wonderful job explaining chocolate and its techniques to all of us. You must remember that there were pastry chefs, chef instructors, students of pastry and cooking and folks right off the street who wanted to learn about chocolate. He never got so technical that someone didn’t understand. And yet he was very interesting to the professional cooks in the room as well.

The family that had been in my demo joined us in the chocolate demo and as they were leaving, the little boy asked if he could have just one more taste of the French bread. I said I could do one better than that. I handed him a freshly baked baguette of French bread. You would have thought I gave him a puppy. He was ecstatic! He made my day and I hope I made his. It sure can be fun at school.

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