day-to-day activities


Hey guys, I know wearing a uniform can sometimes be a drag. I have to wear one and I would rather be in jeans and a t-shirt. But uniforms serve a purpose. They help us to be disciplined cooks. Here at CHIC we want you to wear your uniform in full. That means when you come to school be sure to bring all the pieces of your uniform. You should wear a clean white t-shirt underneath your chef coat. The printing on t-shirts looks so cheesy when it shows through the coat. You should have clean pants that are hemed. Have you ever seen those folks with the dirty, ragged bottoms to their pants? I sure wouldn’t hire them if they came in my kitchen. You should have a cravatte that is tied and clean everyday. Most of all, bring a clean hat to wear both in the classroom and the kitchen. Do you see a trend in this post? Everything is clean. I want to see all of you in class with a clean uniform. I think we can still have a lot of fun in school but we need to follow these policies from the school. See you there!

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